MPV blood test

An MPV blood test monitors the Mean Platelet Volume in your blood, since this is an important facet of your good health. Platelets are important for your body’s system of repair and defense. Platelets circle around your bloodstream, and gather into clumps if you have a problem in the epithelial tissues. Since these tissues are responsible for lining your important organs, and also have a function in healthy skin, platelets are an essential part of the way your body responds to tissue damage.

If you have routine blood work, your physician will likely ask the laboratory to check the platelet count in your body. The MPV blood test is able to determine swiftly if you have serious issues or not. If you suffer from bone marrow cancer, you will have a platelet count that is very low, with platelet formation in your bone marrow. But the MPV blood test actually only has a similar purpose, since the test is a bit different in its scope.

The MPV measures the size of your platelets. Knowing the size of platelets is important, to help your physician determine if you have a problem with bone marrow platelet production. The MPV blood test is accurate, and can show your physician what is wrong with your body’s platelets. If your MPV is lower than normal, this could indicate cancer, of a type like leukemia.

In taking measurements of your MPV, and gathering information about platelet counts, your physician is in a better position to determine what is wrong, if indeed there is an issue. Low counts of platelets may also accompany some other life-threatening diseases. They can even cause incidents of severe bleeding if you cut yourself. The MPV blood test, along with platelet count, can help your physician inform you about precautions you need to take.

The MPV blood test will not specifically diagnose problems that you are having, but it can help your physician to narrow down possible causes for serious conditions. Your platelet volume can indicate that more testing should be done. Or, for some people, a “normal” platelet value for them may be high or low for someone else.

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